Wireless Chargers – A Holiday Must-Have!

When Apple unveiled its iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices last month, it touted wireless charging as a key feature in both. Of course, wireless charging has been around for a long, long time (anyone remember the Palm Pre’s Touchstone charger?) and is a standard feature for Samsung and LG’s Android smartphones. If anything, Apple’s late to the party here.

But let’s face it – now that Apple’s arrived, the party is finally getting started. The company’s adoption of the Qi wireless charging standard will jump-start the technology, based on the sheer number of iPhones that ship each year.

Indeed, shortly after the iPhone 8 and X were announced, there was a run on Qi charging pads and I found many of the more popular ones were suddenly in short supply online and in-store. I was able to snag a Belkin model – which currently has a “2 to 5 weeks” shipping time on Amazon – and have been using it on an end table next to a couch. When I’m sitting there watching TV, I drop my iPhone 8 Plus on it.

the best Qi charger for a family or an individual with multiple devices to charge. It charged every test phone at the same speeds as single-phone models, even when we were charging three phones at once. It also has an extra 2.4-amp USB-A port on the side for charging a fourth device, and that port can charge larger devices like iPads quickly.

Your smartphone came with a charger and cable, but if you need another, they’re generally inexpensive. Quality Qi chargers tend to run in the $40-$60 range.

You can buy less expensive models, but often these don’t come with the AC adapter – you’ll have to supply your own. Or they may cut corners with fewer sets of coils.

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